What a year!

Legs and Ruth had a very successful show season at I-1 gaining valuable experience.  Legs' scores ranged from 60-67% earning him Reserve Champion for the AWS USDF All Breed Awards and Reserve Champion for Midwest Dressage Association.

Zhonner and Ruth showed at Third and Fourth level Ranking 20th in the USDF Horse of The Year awards and 5th for the KWPN USDF All Breed Awards with a 69.2% median.  Zhonner was also the Midwest Dressage Association open Champion for Third and Fourth Levels!

Both boys qualified for Region 2 USDF Finals but due to Ruth and Mike expecting their first child in March Ruth chose not to show at Finals.

Carrie Eby and Murphy had a great show season at Training and First Level and attended USDF Finals with good tests - Ruth is very proud of how far they have come!

Kjirsten and Koby showed at several events and jumper shows showing how far Koby has come this year.  Lots of fun Cross Country video's on you Tube

Erin Palmer was open Training Level Chapion with Yvonne Bellairs' mare Berry at Waterloo in August.  A huge success for Erins first time showing her and BErry's USDF debut.

Robyn and Kees showed at Training Level at Waterloo and had a super first season showing USDF

 Fergie, Grant and Tug sold and found wonderful new homes where we hope to watch them succeed with their new owners.

We welcomed several new boarders to the farm and have a lovely group of people here.

The Barn Manager Team expanded to Include Michelle, Erin, Andrea and Chelsea - we have wonderful barn managers who keep the farm running smoothly.

Ruth and Mike made several additions and improvements to the farm- we added several new stalls, a tack room and feed room on the south side of the barn allowing us to add new boarders - we have space for 28 horses on the farm now.  Each stall now has a ceiling fan to keep horses cool in summer! All the field gates have slag basses around them now - no more muddy gate ways.  Ruth also upgraded her trailer to a 4 horse head to head for those longer hauls - plenty of room with option for box stalls or a 4 horse head to head set up.

Ruth and Mike are looking forwards to the addition of their first child in March before next season gets into full swing.


December 2011

Welcome to Risto - he is owned by Karen and Liz.  Ruth looks forwards to training this lovely young Welsh Cob gelding and working with Karn and Liz.

Fergie is also a new addition to the farm- a 2000 Hanoverian mare by Werther.


November - What a busy month for sales...

Congratulations to the following new owners on the purchase of a horse from us -

Lisa on the purchase of the lovely Hanoverian mare Bella

Amberlee on the purchase of our sweet mare Lark

Deborah on the purchase of Ultima - we are so glad she is staying at the farm!

Cheryl on the purchase of Bebe and Romeo



Allegro and Ruth traveled to PA to train with Jeanne McDonald for a week and then make their I-1 debut. Legs was fantastic and put in a solid ride at I-1 earning a second place ribbon. Ruth looks forwards to working on more strength over winter.

2011 Year end awards are in - what a year!


Fourth Level Freestyle - Ranked 28th in USA

Fourth Level Freestyle Challenge - Ranked 7th in USA


Fourth Level Open Reserve Champion

Prix St. George Open Reserve Champion


1st-4th Level Freestyle Champion 70.306%

Fourth Level Open Champion 63.73%

Prix St. George Open Champion 65.08%


Lots of news since August. The farm has been a busy hub of activity leaving little time for updates. We now have an additional 10 acres of beautiful new pasture split into 4 fields. We have added a field shelter and hope to add 2 more by spring.

Regional Championships went well - Legs was 6th in the 4th Level Freestyle and although did not place in the top 10 of his classes put in solid rides against some tough competition. Zhonner gained more experience in the show ring - Sam and Carrie performed a fantastic First Level freestyle that the crowd loved.



Welcome to Anne and Simba!



The last Waterloo Show of the season was a success! Legs was Prix St. George Champion of the show - winning both his classes. He had an excellent freestyle on thursday night scoring a 75%! Carrie Eby and same had a great show qualifying for the First Level Freestyle at regionals!

Carrie and Sam also won Reserve Champion for First level at both the show and the year end awards for the Waterloo series. Legs was the Prix St George Champion for the Year end Waterloo Series. Now on to Regionals in September!

Legs was Prix. St. George Reserve Champion with a 65.5% at the first August Waterloo show. He also received his last qualifying score for 4th level - a 65.7% during a monsoon! Carrie Eby received a qualifying score for her first level freestyle!


Zhonner did well at Lamplight with scores to 72% and some beautiful rides in some very wet conditions! Legs received a qualifying score for Fourth Level and had a wonderful freestyle.

Carrie Eby had some lovely rides on Sam - what a great team.


Waterloo June 15-17th. Legs and Ruth tried out their Fourth Level Freestyle for the first time and earned a 66.5 and two 67%'s qualifying them for regionals - look for a link on Leg's page. Legs also rode a lovely PSG test.

Iridium was Reserve Champion at Second Level with some lovely tests scoring in the mid 60's and winning 2 classes and coming in Second in another.

Sam and Carrie qualified for regionals at First Level their first time out - great job!!

What a start to the Month! Legs and Tug went to Waterloo June 3-5th. This was Tug's first show and what a good boy! Laura did an excellent job riding him and he was Reserve Champion at Training Level Open with scores from 62-69%. Legs and Ruth rode the Prix St. George and won two of their three classes ending up Reserve Champion at Prix St George and earning Ruth her Silver Medal. Ultima also went as a tourist and after only a handful of rides under saddle she was good enough at the show to hack around the ground - this is a very special mare!


Congratulations to Andrea on her purchase of Simon - what a great match!

Welcome to Zhonner! Ruth purchased this lovely KWPN gelding mid-may - what an exciting horse he is - he settling into the farm routine and will be out at Waterloo in June.

Welcome to Ultima a 3 year old Canadian bred filly and Oliver a large Sport pony - we look forwards to working with these two - they are perfect for the more petite dressage rider. Both have lovely temperament’s and gaits and will make nice Adult Am or Junior horses.

Ruth and Legs headed to a Jeanne McDonald clinic to get ready for the show season - they worked on the PSG test and getting ready for the first show in May!

Legs and Grant went to Lamplight at the end of May where Grant was a tourist and learned all about showing. Ruth and Legs competed in the Prix St. George with steady tets that improved over the weekend. Ruth earned one of her scores towards her silver medal and one qualifying score for regionals.


Congrats to Taryn on her purchase of Trudy - we love this match and are excited to see them progress.


A busy month getting ready for spring! All the horses continue to do well - now we just need some warm weather. Tug went to his first clinic and did very well - Laura got great feed back. What a good boy he was!


Welcome to Utopia Laura's new mare - this lovely black Canadian filly is a super sweet girl.

Welcome also to Gauguin a 2006 Oldenburg Gelding Ruth looks forwards to bringing along as a sale horse.

Congrats to Donna on her purchase of both Oscar and Nigel!


Happy new year to all! what a great year 2010 was. Congrats to Scirocco and Ruth the MDA Open Training Level champion with a 74.01% median!

December - Merry Christmas to all! We wish you a peaceful and fulfilling new year.


Welcome to Oscar - a 2006 AWS gelding. Oscar will be in training through the winter and for sale fall of 2011. Look for him at the winter schooling shows and Waterloo in summer of 2011. Oscar has a super temperament and lovely gaits!

Off to a Jeanne McDonald Clinic with Rocco, Grant and Legs! As always lots of fun and homework!

Congratulations to Maddie on her purchase of Pete!


Welcome to Casanova G (aka Grant) - Carrie Nettles bought this exciting young KWPN gelding from Sandpiper Stables in PA. Ruth is looking forwards to showing Casanova G in summer of 2011!

Welcome to Nigel a 2006 AWS gelding - Nigel is a sweet boy who has started his dressage work. Look for him at the winter schooling shows and at Waterloo summer of 2011 - he will be for sale in fall


What a success Region 2 USDF GAIG Championships were! Parvus was 6th in his Championship class with Amanda Nardone after only 4 shows! He is now offered for sale. Sam and Carrie had several great rides ending up 10th in their Training Level Championship class.


Rocco goes to the final Waterloo show. He was a super boy earning scores from 67% to 74.6%. He took home the open training level Champion for the show and the Year End Championship for Open training level with a median score of 68.8%! Now Rocco, Pete and Sam will head to regionals in Traverse City Sept 9-11!

Welcome to Kathy and Flip our new boarders.


Rocco, Pete and Chelsea go to Waterloo!

Rocco was a super star coming home with the Open Training Championship and scores between 68-72%!

Pete and Amanda qualified for Regionals at Training Level and were the Junior Training Level Champions!

Courtney and Chelsea had several lovely rides.

Luke sold to Carolyn - what a perfect match - we look forwards to seeing them at the shows next year!

Sully sold to Brit where he will enjoy being a trail horse.


The July woodbine show was hosted at cavallo farms - everyone survived the awful weather and rode well. What a good experience for the babies to have!

Carrie and Sam go to the July waterloo and finish qualifying for Regionals at training and First level. They had some lovely tests and great scores. Rocco was super at Waterloo taking home the Training Level Champion and ending the weekend on a 75.6%.

Congratulations to the Samutin Family for purchasing Ms. Moneypenny - what a wonderful pair Isabella and Ms Moneypenny make - look for them at waterloo next year! Check out the For Sale page for 3 nice horses available.


Ruth and Legs go to Ohio's CDT Summer Show for Legs' FEI level debut. Legs was fantastic and had 3 very nice rides. Pictures soon. Rocco also went and qualified for regionals at Training Level. What a superstar he is!

Courtney and Chelsea went to their first show of the year at Waterloo and had a wonderful time!

Tug, Berry, Remi and Pete all go to their first show! Woodbine schooling show was a baby weekend where everybody did really well. Tug thought this was very exciting and demonstrated a super passage through his Intro test! The other 3 babies were very sensible and all placed in the top 3 of their classes. Sam and Carrie also went and did their first Second Level test scoring a 62% and winning the class! Amanda did a lovely job riding pete and Janey did a nice job on Berry

Pete goes back to Woodbine with Laura and has some lovely tests - back in July and then on to Waterloo in August!

Rocco goes to waterloo! Rocco was a star at his first USDF show scoring over 70% 2 times and 66-69% for the rest of his classes. He was quite grown up.


MSU Dressage Team goes to nationals and does well. We also have the National Champion individual rider for Upper Training level - Kaitlin Young. Good job team!!!

Welcome to Barb and Angel - Angel will be in training with Ruth. We hope this handsome gelding will learn to relax and not worry so much.

Ruth purchases 'Parvus' aka Pete a very sweet 7 year old KWPN gelding. This little guy is very cute and is a sales horse. He'll be shown this summer and be for sale in the fall what a flashy guy with a sweet temperment

NEW FOOTING! The indoor has new rubber/sand footing which has been really nice. We also redid the driveway - a nice smooth drive with no mud anymore.

March 22

Ruth welcomes Nambock to the farm - he is a 4yr old Trak. Gelding. Ruth is excited about this young prosect! Photos coming soon. He is nick named Tug as he's like a tug boat - small and powerful. He has lovely gates and a sweet personality.

March 2010

Congrats to Jen on her pruchase of Ronnin - we'll miss him but he's got a great new home!

The MSU dressage team won the regional championships and qualified for nationals! What a great accomplishment!

Ruth and Legs rode with Jeannie Mcdonald again in March and really enjoyed the clinic

Dec 2009

Ruth has enjoyed taking her young horse Scirocco out to several clinics this fall - Michael Bragdell from Hilltop gave a great young horse clinic at Lost World Farm in december where Rocco was a superstar. In November and December he attended clinics with FEI 'I' judge Jeanne Mcdonald who was very positive about his future!

Legs also participated in the clinics with Jeanne Mcdonald continuing his preparation for the 2010 show season.

2009 Awards -What a Year!

Ruth and Allegro

National AWS/USDF All Breed Awards

1st through 4th level Freestyle Champion with a 69.3%

3rd Level Freestyle Champion

Reserve Champion at Third Level Open

National USDF Awards

USDF Freestyle Challenge at 3rd Level - 7th in the US

USDF Musical Freestyle Award 3rd Level- 12th in the US

MDA Awards

3rd Level Open - Reserve Champion

4th Level Open - Fourth Place

Waterloo Year End Awards

Third Level Grand Champion

Fourth Level Reserve Champion

Nicci and Hayden

National USDF All Breed Awards

Training Level AA- Reserve Champion

MDA Awards

Training Level AA - 4th place

Waterloo Year End Awards

Training Level AA Grand Champion


New faces! Welcome to Carrie and her lovely young mare Trudy, Sharon and her gelding Slick who is in training with Ruth for the winter, and Courtney and her mare Chelsea a very talented mare who is in training with Ruth


Last Waterloo show of the year went very well. Allegro had a fantastic freestyle Saturday night scoring a 72.3%! He was the Series champion at third level and reserve champion at 4th level. Nicci and Hayden were the Adult Am. Training Level Champions for both the show and year end. Congrats!

Welcome to Carrie and Sam - Sam will be used in the lesson program and Carrie will be working with Ruth.


Welcome to Ronnin! Sheila is the proud owner of a lovely young gelding named Ronnin. He comes to us from CFH Dressage - what a wonderful experience working with Chrissa Hoffman. Ronnin has shown through Third Level dressage and will be ridden by Sheila and also used in the School Program. Ruth will also continue his Training. Look for pictures soon.


The crew had fun at Woodbine schooling show on saturday. Luke went to his first show and was a super star - very well behaved. He came home with a first, second and third.

Rob and Kees did very well! Getting a 2nd place and showing huge improvement from the last show.

Elise and Robbie had a really nice First level Test 4 - their first time riding it!

Tanya and Belle rode 2 second level tests - belle had some beautiful lateral work! A good first show for the year!


What a great weekend! Nicci and hayden were Training Level Reserve Champions at Waterloo with some great scores and NICE tests despite monsoon like weather. Legs rocked out to Queen music in his fereeestyle getting the audience stomping and clapping saturday night. He also was the fourth level Reserve Champion with scores to 66++% at Fourth level.

Ms. Moneypenny went to her first show and did very well with Hannah - what a great temperment!!! quiet and easy all weekend despite bad weather. Hannah did well with scored to 65+% at Training level


Ms. Money Penny is now listed on the sale page - what a sweet girl!

Luke is preparing to go to his first show the end of august


What a great summer so far!

At the July waterloo show Ruth and Legs were the Third Level Champions and Legs also did his first 4th level tests - he did exceptionally well with a 64+ and 65+ percent winning one class and placing second in another. Ruth was particularly pleased as he was competing against some very nice well seasoned horses.

Nicci and Hayden had a super show and won the Training level champion with lot's of scores in the 70's - go Nicci! Both Hayden and Legs are qualified for regionals for the year.

Luke is now going well undersaddle - check him out on the horses page.

Ruth also welcomes 2 new horses to her herd - Alex a Holst/Tb gelding and a lovely Selle francias/tb mare who will be arriving at the end of July both are sale horses so watch the sales page for more info.

At the June Waterloo show Nicci and Hayden went to their first class A show and did extreemly well! with lots of ribbons coming home. Ruth also rode Hayden placing second in a huge Training level class.

Legs also did well winning the Reserve Champion for Third level with some lovely rides.

The Woodbine show in June was a great success with Barb, Pat and Rob all placing in the top 3 in their classes. Elise rode First level for the first time and had a lovely test. Our friend Carrie rocked the training level with a high percentage award and Scirocco went to his first show and was a superstar and won both his classes with a 69 and 72 and was the high percentage score of the day.


The first show of the year at copper creek on Saturday May 9th was a great success! Robyn and Kees placed 1st and 2nd in their classes, Pat and Nala got two 2nd's and Nicci and Hayden won both their classes. Ruth also took Stuart to his first show and he acted like he'd shown his whole life. He won the Training level test 3 and placed 4th in a huge Training level test 4 class. Ruth also rode Hayden in Training level test 4 and scored the high score for the day a 74.8%!

On sunday Ruth was able to take Legs to a clinic and ride with Shannon Peters where Legs was super!


Ruth Coached Erin Tans and Melanie Thompson at IDA nationals April 19th. They both had really good rides. Erin was 5th and Melanie was 7th - GREATJOB!

Laura and Tanya have both purchased new horses - welcome to Rex and Remington!

See the sale page for several new horses.


Congratulations to Erin Tans and Melanie Thompson on qualifying for IDA nationals Ruth will be going to Findlay University in April to coach them at the IDA Nationals!

Welcome to Stuart - Ruth's new project - a handsome 2001 gelding see him on the horses page.

Welcome to Tonya and Belle and Cassie and Sam

Sam will be in training with Ruth and will be on the market shortly and Tonya and Belle will be working with Ruth.


An exciting month at the farm! Sadly Shadow has gone to her new home in WI - we'll miss her lots but her new owner loves her - congrats to Alicia!

Sir Victor has also been sold - congrats to Jerri in PA! We'll miss that cute face! But Jerri and V are perfect together.

Ruth welcomes 2 new horses of her own - Luke a stunning black AWS gelding - he's 3 years old and ready to be trained - pics coming soon! And Rocky a lovely Appendix gelding who has beautiful paint markings and will be the new school horse.

Legs coninues to recover well from surgery and will be back undersaddle next month and Scirocco is as mischevious as ever -Ruth is looking forwards to spring when she can ride him outside!


Happy New year to all!

Updates - We have 4 horses currently on the market -

See for sale page

Everyone is doing well and looking forwards to spring and warmer weather.


Congratulations to Chelsie who purchased Isaac and Leah who purchased Lexus!

Welcome to Berry a lovely Thoroughbred mare owned by Yvonne Bellairs and Protege Barb Sougstad's young gelding both in for training.


Regionals! Congratulations to Ruth and Legs who were the Region 2 Third Level Freestyle Champions! Isaac also placed well with an 8th at First Level and 13th at Training level. Kodiak and Becca did super with a 10th at Second Level. Congratulations to Cindy who purchased Kodiak!


Welcome to Heather and Shaz! Shaz is in training with Ruth and will be shown this summer by both Heather and Ruth. This mare show's great talent and Ruth is already enjoying her progress.


On to Regional Championships! Isaac, Legs and Kodiak head for Regionals Sept 18-21st.

Welcome to Nicci and Hayden! Ruth has Hayden in partial training and is looking forwards to the 2009 show season with them both. Hayden has a lovely trot and a huge canter!


Scirocco is now undersaddle! watch for more photos on his page soon. He has been a superstar and is showing a very willing attitude.

7/30-8/3/08 Dressage by the Bay

Allegro and Kodiak went to the Dressage by the Bay show with Ruth and Becca and had a lovely time. Not only did we show but we watched the grandprix show jumping and a polo match!

Allegro was Third Level High percentage champion at both shows with scores to 67.9%! He also had a lovely Freestyle that recieved a huge crowd response.

Kodiak was First and Second Level high percentage champion at both shows, won all 8 classes he was entered in and qualified for regionals at Second Level with Becca -Great job!!

6/23/08 USDF Waterloo Show

What a show!

Legs was Third Level Open Reserve Champion despite only riding three classes.

Legs also did his first freestyle which was very well recieved with the audience and judge loving the choice of Queen compilations. He recieved a qualifying score for regionals of 65%!

Isaac showed First Level for the first time and did exceptionally well scoring in the 70's and winning the First Level Open Reserve Champion award and also scoring in the 70's and winning the Open Training Level Championship! He also qualified for regionals at Training Level and First Level.

Kodiak was First Level Champion in the Junior division with scores up to 71% at First level and 69% at Training Level with Becca Donaldson. He recieved several very nice comments and lots of 8's. See his Sale Page for more details.

Zabella had a great show and recieved lots of positive comments and 8's. She braved awful weather in the last test of the day showing great work ethic. She was the open Training Level Reserve Champion.

Sebastien had wonderful tests at Second Level and took home the Second Level Open Championship. What a good boy!

6/10/08 USDF Waterloo Show

Allegro, Zabella, Isaac and Kodiak went to the first USDF Show of the year and did very well.

Legs had his Third Level debut and did very well winning 3 classes placing 2nd in two and winning the Third Level Open Championship for the show. He also qualified for regionals!

Isaac had an exceptional first USDF show with a 72.8% Taining Level test with Ruth giving him one of his qualifying scores for regionals.

Erin Tans rode Isaac in the Adult Am. division and was the Adult Am. Reserve Champion at Training Level for the show with two scores of 68%!

Kodiak also did well scoring 9's on his leg yields and recieving many good comments.

Zabella had a great show with wonderful moments