Ruth is available for clinics on a limited basis - email for more details

Stapleton Farm offers classical and kind Dressage training with USDF Broze and Silver Medalist Ruth Hill SchorschTraining programs vary from partial training to full training.  Each horse's program is based on the individual horse and riders needs.  Goals can range from short term training to long term training with competition goals.  Stapleton Farm owned horses.


Our training program is supported by a variety of proffesionals:

Carrie Turner - Massage therapist

Dr Ragon of Kern Road Vet Clinic

Dr Miles Hildebrant of Blue Water Equine

Farriers Bob Clark, Kevin Mackinder and David Hallock

Saddle Fitter Rena Vandoren and Sally Dietrich

Bob our Nutrition expert from of Progressive Feeds

Mason Farm Store and Leslie Elevator provide pasture expertise